VATRENI Announces Partnership with PolygonPunks and PolyDoge

3 min readMar 27, 2023


We are proud to announce a new partnership with two prominent blockchain-based projects — PolyDoge and PolygonPunks. Through this collaboration, we will explore new options and innovate by incentivizing their community members and promoting sports and healthy life through our brand VATRENI.

How does it work?

PolygonPunks and Polydoge will choose eligible participants inside their community to be a part of a unique challenge based on a real-life event — the Croatian national team game on 28.3. against Turkey. Eligible participants will get VATRENI tokens airdropped if:

  1. Croatia wins — 2x 1000 VATRENI
  2. Croatia scores — 2x 300 VATRENI per goal
  3. To be announced before the game on socials on 28.3.
  4. To be announced before the game on socials on 28.3.
  5. To be announced before the game on socials on 28.3.

The total pool will be divided among eligible participants from both communities. A minimum of 2000 VATRENI will be divided regardless of the result of the challenge for eligible participants.

Pushing Boundaries and Testing New Innovations

By partnering with these projects, we aim to leverage their strong communities and reach a wider audience. This collaboration will create more awareness about upcoming offers.

The VATRENI team is excited about this collaboration and we believe that it can create a win-win situation for everyone involved. Through this approach, we hope to incentivize their communities to learn about football and new ways of following the game. At the same time, the partnership will help us to reach new audiences and create more buzz around the VATRENI project and encourage innovations.


As we continue to push boundaries, our main goal stays the same — bring value for everybody included and create a new generation sports community around the bronze medal winner from Qatar World Cup 2022 — Croatia. Just as on the field, we are driving innovation and defying the odds to bring joy to all the supporters of the project, no matter where they are. This is just the beginning of the partnership with PolgyonPunks and Polydoge as we are working on new initiatives that will also be announced very soon.

Get your VATRENI loyalty token now and become a part of the ultimate loyalty community!

Interested in partnering with us, don’t hesitate to reach us

VATRENI team is always open to working with other projects in the space. If we share a common interest or have a mutual goal to expand the ecosystem, VATRENI would love to partner with you, so please feel free to contact us via our official channels.

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